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22 July 2022
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After eight nail-biting episodes, Desert Rose has come to an end. If you missed the finale, you can catch up on the episode here. If you’re eager to continue watching the rest of the cast, Showmax has you sorted with plenty of their work in great movies and series.

Neil Sandilands
Dam is a gripping thriller set in the Eastern Cape, and it’s just landed 11 SAFTA nominations, including Best TV Drama. It boasts an excellent cast that includes Sandilands, Desert Rose’s very own patriarch. You’ll also recognise actors from other M-Net favourites like Legacy’s Lea Vivier and Still Breathing’s Siv Ngesi, as well as Gerald Steyn from Reyka and Lioness, and Jennifer Steyn from Recipes for Love and Murder.

Kai Luke Bremmer
While we’re mentioning awards, a highly lauded movie you must watch is Moffie – it will stay with you long after you’ve watched it. From its cinematography to its soundtrack to its incredible cast – with Bremmer in the lead role in an unforgettably moving performance – there are endless reasons to rave about this film.

Christiaan Schoombie
Mr. Dolly may be constantly flustered, but Schoombie hardly is, taking on a wide range of roles. You can also watch him in Moffie, as Commandant Dorman; but if you’re looking for lighter fare, watch him in the rom-com series, Troukoors.

Melissa Haiden
Playing Schoombie’s wife in Desert Rose, Haiden can be seen in Dam. You can also catch her in Bhai’s Café, which stars Siv Ngesi. Is it just us…or is this starting to feel like six degrees of Kevin Bacon?

Amalia Uys
We’re used to seeing Amalia Uys with a gun in Desert Rose, but she levels up in Die Byl with her role as a sniper. Great for lovers of crime shows, this series follows the exploits of Detective Piet van der Bijl.

Christia Visser
If you want to celebrate Christmas in July, you can watch Visser in Home Affairs: A Christmas Tale, which also features Siv Ngesi. That makes three times we’ve mentioned him. Will he appear à la Beetlejuice? We can only dream. 😍

Daniah de Villiers
She may be a young actress, but she already has an impressive resume under her belt, including a series that spans universes, the romantic Kompleks. It also stars her Desert Rose mother, Tinarie van Wyk Loots.

Tinarie van Wyk Loots
Naturally, van Wyk Loots is next on our list. Earlier this year we watched her in Recipes for Love and Murder, as the unfortunate Martine. But you can also watch her in 4 Mure, which has also been nominated at the SAFTAs.

Ben Voss
If you loved the novel Spud by John van de Ruit, you’ve likely watched the movie adaptation. And who just happens to be in it as Mr. Lilly? Desert Rose’s sleazy Eugene van As, played by Ben Voss. You can also catch him in the second sequel, Spud 3: Learning to Fly. He doesn't appear in Spud 2, but it's also available on Showmax so you can watch the whole trilogy.

Brendon Daniels
Daniels flexes his versatile acting muscles in a host of series and movies. There’s the neo-noir mystery series Skemerdans, set in a Cape Flats jazz club. It also features his Desert Rose co-star Danny Ross. Daniels also appeared with Legacy’s Trix Vivier in Cowboy Dan and both were in Trackers. Last but not least is the excellent Five Fingers for Marseilles, another definite must-add to your watch list.

Danny Ross
Speaking of Ross, he appears in the SAFTA-nominated Barakat, a heartwarming tale about a woman trying to bring her family together during Eid-al-Fitr. For something darker, you can watch Ross in Nommer 37, an excellent Cape Flats-set adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Catch up on all eight episodes of Desert Rose, starting here.