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Truths and twists – Desert Rose

25 July 2022
Good tree, bad apple, great feedback!
Desert Rose

The Greylings had us wrapped up in chaos and drama, and have taken us on a whirlwind of emotions from episode 1. We've been left shaken, gasping, and gripped by this intriguing and very troubled family. The finale did not disappoint. Here's what our biggest fans had to say about it. 

Eugene is Lucy's father
In the most shocking twist yet, we find out during a very dramatic and emotional scene that Eugene is actually Lucy's father. Now, who would have seen that one coming? It was certainly not your usual happy father-daughter reunion. This is what you had to say about the bombshell that was dropped in true Desert Rose fashion.

Captain Williams welcomes his daughter
Viewers were left gutted after Captain Williams was shot in the head and were wondering if he would live or die. It was a big relief to viewers when he finally pulled through. To add more of a happy ending to his story, he got to meet his beautiful baby girl!

Patti finds out Gus is cheating
Viewers were shaken when Patti found Jana's earrings and they were expecting a major blow-up. But Patti handled the deception with such grace when confronting Gus, and even with Jana, and she was most forgiving. Viewers enjoyed sharing their views about this tricky situation. 

Eben's out for blood
The man with nine lives, a very dark past, and a troubled mind. Eben has intrigued viewers from day one, and when he killed Bertus, viewers were afraid that he had more blood on his hands. They were also rumours about his relationship with Bertus’s son. One thing's for sure: dear Eben not only left blood but he left his mark on us all.

Freddy's fate
Freddy may not win father of the year award – certainly not after deserting his family and opting for that rolling stone life – but when the devious Hugo stabbed him, it was truly heartbreaking as we watched his beloved daughter Ishara and his long-lost love Ella in such despair, with his life hanging on a thread. A dying Freddy's fate left us all wondering…

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