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That cliffhanger – Desert Rose

14 June 2022
The Greyling family fights for each other, and with each other.
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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest local drama on M-Net, Desert Rose, you know the Greyling siblings are going through the most.

❗️ Spoilers ahead

Their dad, Freddy, has vanished leaving them to face a vicious debt collector, Eugene van As. While the eldest sibling Rosie was looking for her dad, she met up in an accident which left the entire family mourning her untimely demise. 😪

This matters not to Van As. He sends one of his henchman, Bertus, to kidnap Freddy’s granddaughter, Lucy – Rosie’s daughter. His reasoning is that that will bring him out of his hidey-hole – his words, not ours.

But the Greyling siblings still have some fight left in them. Ishara realises there is an intruder in the house and bravely faces off with him. Unfortunately, Lucy also comes, hearing the scuffle and loud exchange. Just when we thought the worst would happen, it kind of did. But not for the Greylings. Lucy was saved by Eben, the one and only brother to Rosie, Jana, and Ishara.

However, it was the shocking result of Eben’s actions that had the Twitter streets alight! He savagely put a spear through Bertus’s throat, saving his sister, Ishara; and niece, Lucy.

These are some of the tweets we’ve seen.

Here's a never-seen-before interview with the actor, Kai Luke Brummer, who plays Eben.

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