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20 July 2022
The crew work tirelessly in the background to create the alchemy you see.
Two men in the desert with one holding an umbrella

What you see on screen is the perfect amalgamation of two parts:

1. Stellar and dedicated cast ✨
2. Visionary brilliance of a great crew 😎

Gently mixed together over a couple of months, then slowly simmered in post-production; the result is a TV show that has become something that South Africa is proud to serve. ✅

When we were first introduced to the Greyling family on Desert Rose, they were a little jarring. Maybe too gritty and rough around the edges. But it made them all the more real, and above all, relatable. We’ve mourned with them. We’ve witness their sadness. We held hands throughout their struggles. We celebrated the small victories. We wanted them to find happiness and peace of mind.

To create this, and make it so real, are the magic makers in the background, waving their wands 🌟 in the form of long hours, devoting time to their craft.

We’ve been lucky enough to chat with show director, Cindy Lee; creator and writer, Rohan Dickson; director of photography, Devin Toselli; and line producer Tammy Lewis-Houghting. Get into their minds by watching the interviews below.

Cindy Lee

Rohan Dickson

Devin Toselli

Tammy Lewis-Houghting

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