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About the show

In Deal or No Deal contestant faces 26 cash boxes, containing cheques varying from a measly amount to millions. Without knowing the content of each box, the contestant picks one, which is theirs to keep no matter what. 

The box stays sealed, as do the 25 remaining ones that are divided amongst other contestants. Who's holding the jackpot? Does the winner's box contain a stingy sum or an absolute fortune? Nobody knows.

One by one, the finalist chooses six boxes, revealing cheques of different values. As each one is opened, the likelihood of the finalist having a high-valued cheque in his own box decreases or increases. 

An unseen opponent, the Banker, enters the game and offers the player an amount of money in exchange for the cash box. Does the contestant strike a deal with the Banker, or continue playing?

The contestant knows that as long as the big cash box hasn't been opened, the Banker's offers will only get higher and higher. As the game carries on, fewer boxes remain and more offers are made by the Banker.

What if the jackpot box is accidentally opened? In that case, the Banker's offer drops dramatically. But what if the jackpot is in the contestant’s own box? Is the contestant bold enough to go all the way and find out, or do they play it safe and make a deal?

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