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City On Fire

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City on Fire

16 April 2021
The much awaited telenovela debuts on a high note.
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You counted the days with us, fanned over the anticipated drama just as much as we did and the show’s first episode has not disappointed at all.

The storyline

In the opening scenes we meet Mutinta, a wife who is desperately clutching at whatever is left of her disastrous marriage. She has gone to seek the help of a religious leader, Bishop Nawa, however her estranged husband is nowhere to be found. Kangwa (Mutinta’s husband) later stumbles into the room in a drunken stupor, lamenting the Bishop’s relentless calls.

It is then clear from here on that the audience needs to buckle up as we are about to be taken through the highs and lows of the dance of winning back love lost.

We’re soon whisked away to a high school and are confronted with dodgy student teacher relations as well as a teen-pregnancy. The show makes it a point to leave no confusion about the raw reality of life in the city.

So much will happen as you watch this story unfold, you will want to fight for the down-trodden, you will scream at TV set as your favourite characters make costly mistakes  but through it all, you will fall in love.

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