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Here comes Halstead! – Chicago PD

01 February 2023
Presenting the very best of Detective Halstead.
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He's a daring and driven detective, not to mention very easy on the eyes! 😻 Everyone knows that when Detective Jay Halstead is involved in a case, you're going to get the answers you need, along with nonstop action. We bid farewell to this incredible character who hangs up his badge after ten amazing seasons. In honour of Halstead, here are some of his best moments.

Two of the Chicago franchise's biggest bad assess join forces. Halstead teams up with Severide for one hell of a chase as they go after the man who was responsible for his father’s death. Halstead once again looks danger straight in the face and ends up taking a bullet to the chest. Luckily for us Chicago PD fans, he pulls through.

When a drug bust goes horribly wrong, Halstead is held hostage by a dangerous and merciless group of assailants. After being tortured he manages to build up that Halstead strength that we know and love to break free and help a fellow hostage. His resilience is unmatched.

Don't you just love it when cops go undercover? Halstead and Lindsay hit an underground sex club to so do some digging. They pretend to be a hot couple looking for even hotter fun. Halstead soon brings out his hardcore cop side and gets the answers he’s looking for.

Halstead, Voight, and Lindsay venture straight into the lion’s den as they raid a murder house in this spine-chilling scene. There's no room for panic or delay and Halstead’s quick thinking and bad-to-the-bone cop antics always save the day.

Watch Halstead and the daring Chicago PD team on Wednesdays at 20:00 on Me, channel 115.

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