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Behind the scenes with Snowfall

01 June 2022
A look at the creative art and direction behind the show

Hardcore, cutthroat, raw, and emotional. The phenomenal drama series Snowfall centres on the life and struggles of a group of eccentric characters during the first crack epidemic. The show takes viewers on a whirlwind ride while cleverly portraying the cocaine era in 1983 Los Angeles. Let's go behind the scenes of this riveting show.

The fight scenes

The show is known for epic battles and brutal fight scenes that leave us gasping. Just how do they pull it all off? Stunt co-ordinator, Tim Gilbert, and the cast talk about how they come up with these realistic fight scenes and just what goes on behind the camera. 

Transforming into Franklin Saint

He's immensely talented and can effortlessly pull off an American accent despite being British. Actor Damon Idris talks about his character transformation, the challenges, and the craft put into nailing the charismatic and driven character of Franklin Saint. 

The fashion

Edgy, upper class, or just the boy next door! The fashion on Snowfall speaks volumes. Everything tells a story, from the colour to the makeup to the style. The attention to detail is phenomenal. The cast and crew take us behind the incredible process of bringing the '80s fashion and characters to life. 

The Cinematography

The camera angles, the close-ups, the zoom-outs, the lighting, and camera tricks are out of this world. The show is always praised for its genius cinematography and co-creator Dave Andron together with the cast and camera crew give us a bird's eye view of how some of this camera magic is carried out. It is not just about being visual, it is also about how the camera work makes you feel.

Catch Snowfall season 5 from 27 June on Me, channel 115. Sit back, get ready for all the action, and #WatchWithMe.