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Curious cases on Chicago Med

16 January 2023
Here are some of the most curious cases that got us hooked.
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Chicago Med has some of the best doctors in town. Over the seasons we have seen all sorts of medical dilemmas on the show. There was everything from emergency room blunders to jaw-dropping ailments and life-saving moments.

Here are some of the curious cases that stuck with us.

A bloodsucking case
Dr Holstead had his hands full when he has to take care of a young patient with severe liver failure. But there's another problem at hand, the man thinks that he’s a real-life vampire and refuses treatment. Holstead enlists the help of Dr Charles to help ease the situation and reason with the young man, who eventually accepts their help.

Possessed or not?

A mother brings her daughter to the ER and is convinced she is possessed. When the daughter has several psychotic episodes, the team wonders what it could be. Upon investigation, they find out that it’s a delayed trauma response from an abusive past. A heartbreaking one for sure.

A gasoline-drinking pilot
When a well-respected pilot comes into the ER with severe stomach issues, the team gets to work to get to the bottom of his ailment. In a bizarre twist of events, it turns out that he has an addiction to drinking gasoline. Dr Charles intervenes and tries to help the pilot face and overcome this deadly addiction.

Mirror touch syndrome
Ever heard of mirror-touch syndrome? A young girl is diagnosed with just such a case: a condition that makes the person feel and mimics other people’s pain. Dr Charles and Dr Manning try explaining it to her mother who was as baffled as can be. They decide it’s a long road of therapy and treatment and hopefully happy moments to follow.


Bringing out the guns
Talk about a pain in the butt! A man comes into the ER with severe pain and refuses to talk. After a careful examination, Dr Choi realises the patient has a gun lodged inside his rectum ... ouch! This is a serious case as the police need to get involved and the doctors need to safely remove the gun without it going off.

Watch more shocking cases on Chicago Med season 7. Starting on 7 Feb at 20:00 on Me, channel 115.