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Chicago Med season 6 recap

08 August 2022
We bring you all the season 6 finale drama.
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There were just so many shocking developments on the season 6 finale of Chicago Med. Need a recap? Look no further. Here’s what went down.

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the season 6 finale.

A sad goodbye

April Sexton got accepted into a nurse practitioners’ program. To pursue this opportunity, she chose to leave Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre.

A second chance at life

Natalie Manning’s mum, Carols finally received a second chance at life when a new heart became available. Her transplant was a huge success.

Dr Manning fired from the hospital


After stealing trial drugs to help her sick mum, Manning was forced into leaving Chicago Med. 

Ethan escaped death

While trying to deescalate a confrontation between Dean and his former patient, Ethan was shot in the chest.  Following the incident, he was raced into emergency surgery to save his life.

The truth came out

After putting two and two together, Vanessa found out that Maggie is her real mother.

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