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Hot facts about Chicago Fire

07 July 2022
Grab your helmets, gloves, and hose because things are about to go up in flames.
people in front of a fire truck

We’ve put together some blazing hot facts about the Chicago Fire series.   🔥🔥🚒

A little too real

Hold on to your helmets, did you know that Chicago Fire is filmed in a real life fire station located on 1360 South Blue Island Avenue?

The location has also become a tourist attraction. Hundreds of people from different parts of the globe visit the station on weekends.

Anthony Ferraris, a real hero

Attention to detail in Chicago Fire is crucial. To maintain this, the show’s producers often rely on the help of real firefighters.

Take Anthony Ferraris for example, Ferraris is not only a hardworking on screen first responder, he’s also a firefighter in real life and often gives advice to the producers.

Quick question, are you still holding on to your helmets? Do so tightly because the next hot fact might blow it right off. 😉

False alarm

When it comes to depicting real life situations, the show does its best to be accurate and practical.

In November 2012, a news station recorded an aeroplane crash and broadcasted the impact live. The station was later informed that this was only a pre-stage for the filming of Chicago Fire. Did we just manage to blow those helmets off? Mission accomplished!

Homies outside of work

The stars of the show share a special bond. In fact, some of the cast members have formed a biker gang. Like real homies, together they  ride their motorcycles around Chicago.

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