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Jonathan Constable: Full Response

23 April 2023
Jonathan Constable sent us a legal response, vehemently refuting every allegation made in our insert.
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In response to our recent insert on Jonathan Constable in which allegations of impersonation, building hijacking, fraud, theft, drug possession. and pointing of a firearm. Constable vehemently denies all allegations, stating that he continues to serve his country through his organistion, NICSA which stands for those who have had their rights trampled on. He denies impersonating any officials and/or police officers and claims his Facebook posts were taken out of context as NICSA is not a security company. 

Constable categorically denies that he hijacked or attempted to hijack any buildings managed by TUPA and says he has never been found guilty of hijacking in a court of law. In addition, Constable denies pointing a gun at TUPA employees. 

In relation to drug-relation accusations, Constable says he's aware of a former NICSA employee being arrested for drug possession but denies being involved. He confirms that one of the benefits of NICSA membership is that it offers legal assistance through its attorneys. 

Constable says he assisted "various foreign nationals with relocations and legalisation of their status in South Africa", and that payments were made into the JC Administrative Services bank account. But he says certain individuals have been spreading falsehoods against him and his company. 

He denies that Luthando Makhazula rendered services to him. 

Constable is on the SAPS list of wanted suspects and they're appealing for information on his whereabouts but Constable says he has no knowledge of the warrant. 

He concludes that, like any other citizen, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court and none of the allegations are supported by a court verdict. 

Read his full response below.