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FULL RESPONSE: Hannes Strydom - Owner of Pharma-Valu

08 October 2023
A popular pharmacist at the centre of black-market codeine sales. We investigate how he’s allegedly breaking the law and cashing in.
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We recently did a story on Pharma-Valu Traders alleged involvement in the illicit sales of codeine products on the black market. We tried to speak to Pharma-Valu owner, Hannes Strydom, in person regarding the many allegations made against his business but he chose not to speak to us. Instead, he sent us a written response. You can read that response in full.

** Names of confidential sources were redacted to protect their identities. We also opted to redact a section that details how these alleged illegal codeine sales take place as we believe making these details public could do more harm in the ongoing fight against the illegal drug trade.

Hannes Strydome Written Response - 13 September 2023

Hannes Strydom Written Response - 15 September 2023