MAD Trust: A Message of Thanks

20 May 2022
Thank you to the Bartsch Architects team for their continued support of the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust over the years.
Making A Difference Carte Blanche

The Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust and Carte Blanche team wish to convey our hearty congratulations to Bartsch Architects for its remarkable 50th anniversary. For well over a decade, the Making A Difference Trust, together with its pro bono partners – Hospital Design Group and SAKHIWO Health Solutions – have built healthcare facilities for children in public hospitals across the country. These high-end critical care paediatric facilities are the most specialised and rare resources anywhere in the world, and particularly so in our public hospitals.

Our collaboration has had direct impact on enabling access to outstanding healthcare resources to over 300 000 children. These children have been the beneficiaries of our partnership. Please accept our wholehearted appreciation for your unstinting efforts, professionalism, passion, and fellowship. It has truly changed and saved many lives.