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Water Wastage or Saving Footage

28 February 2018
Are you experiencing severe water shortages, have you seen others using water recklessly, or do you have some novel water saving tips you’d like to share?

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If you have or can get video footage of water issues affecting your area, please send it to us.

Submit using our secure web form.

Send on WhatsApp.

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Please use the below how-to to make sure you get the best possible footage from your phone.


Here are 6 Quick Tips

Carte Blanche regularly invites you, our viewers, to send us video footage showing more of the stories you’d like us to cover or stories we’re currently looking into. As such we’ve put together 6 simple tips to help you create footage that we’re more likely to be able to use on-air.
Here’s how to make the best use of your phone camera when taking videos.

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1. Clean your lens
Wipe your phone lens on both sides of the phone with your shirt or a clean cloth.

2. Shoot in landscape mode
Your TV has a horizontal format, and so should your video.

3. Resolution

Check your settings
Go to Settings > Camera, tap Record Video and select the highest resolution from the listed options.

Please don’t zoom
If you need to get closer to the subject stop recording, walk over and then continue with your video.

4. Sound
If you need to hear what your subject is saying try and get as close as you can so your phone can record the sound more clearly. In addition, if you can minimise any unnecessary noise around you then do so.

5. Light

It is best to shoot with the light behind you, and shining on the subject you’re filming.
Be aware of shadows on the scene. These tell you where the light is coming from.

When focused on your subject press and hold on your subject area on your phone screen so that lighting is corrected for you. On iPhones you can then increase or decrease the exposure by swiping the brightness up or down.

6. A steady hand
Aim to keep the phone as still as possible. If you tend to shake a little, try and rest your elbows on something solid while you film. Also, if you need to move your camera across a scene, move more slowly than you think is necessary. It is best to focus on the scene you intend to move across for a few seconds before slowly starting to move or pan across it.