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Mars One Mission Plan

17 December 2017
Having started back in 2013, the Mars One Project aims to have humans living permanently on Mars by 2033. However, there's still a long road ahead of us before the first person will get to set foot on the Red Planet.
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Originally published on 26 March 2017

The idea of transporting people to Mars is already a complex one, but keeping humans alive on the planet is only being actively explored now.ย 

In recent months, researchers have gone to great lengths to address the most pressing issue for the soon-to-be Martians - how to effectively grow crops on the dusty planet. Thankfully, with the help from some average earthworms, scientists have been able to prove the growing of crops is in Mars-like soil is viable.

During the study, researchers made use of a special soil, created by scientists at NASA, to replicate the ground conditions of the planet. With very little nutrients and high levels of toxic compounds, the Martian soil is far from ideal when it comes to growing crops. However, by introducing two earthworms to the soil, the soil not only gained more vital nutrients, but surprisingly the earthworms reproduced.

Back to the greater mission though, here's a breakdown of the Mars One timeline as it currently stands.

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