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The making of the new Carte Blanche trailer

10 August 2018
In celebration of 30 years of Carte Blanche investigations and reports. Because truth brings change.

The making of the new Carte Blanche trailer took weeks of preparation, days of refining and hours of suiting up, shooting, editing and perfecting the final outcome.  
Our presenters give us some insight into that process with a behind the scenes look at what went into delivering the final product. 

Making an advert can be very similar to being in the army.  A lot of waiting and more changes than you would think possible! But making this Carte Blanche TVC with Delarey and the Monarchy team was a brilliant experience where the entire crew knew exactly what was required and worked together like the Lions rugby team! I think the end result is going to do justice to Carte Blanche and the 30th Birthday.
- Derek Watts

It felt good being pampered and spoiled... the complete opposite of what goes on behind the scenes of a Carte Blanche shoot, while we are chasing crooks! Magic spending time with my terrific colleagues... we don't do that often enough!
- Devi Sankaree Govender

I now feel like part of a great team, a family which endeavours to change the world and make an impact. This has truly been amazing! 
- Macfarlane Moleli

People have this misconception that Carte Blanche presenters spend a lot of time together but we don’t because we’re all over the country doing our stories. So to be able to get together with the presenters and spend a lot of time with them and just reflect on the fact that Carte Blanche is 30 years old was special in its own way. It’s amazing when you think about it; that you’ve contributed to such a big brand that is so much bigger than the sum of its parts. So we had lots of fun stories, lots of harrowing stories to share and things that I’m still finding out about the producers… what it took to do some of the most memorable stories. I’m still learning and finding out about all the adventures that the other presenters have been on. So this has been an amazing opportunity to reflect on the journey that it took to get here. And to know that I’m adding my little piece to the puzzle is really humbling.
 - Claire Mawisa

Here's the final product...