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How To Report Bad Driving

14 April 2019
The City of Johannesburg is attempting to curb reckless driving, but they need your help to make a success of it. With their newly launched dedicated WhatsApp hotline.
reckless driving

How many times have you found yourself swearing at other road users for their reckless driving? From skipping a red traffic light to failing to stop at a stop street – it’s something almost every driver has had to deal with daily. Now, the City of Johannesburg is attempting to curb reckless driving, but they need your help to make a success of it. With their newly launched dedicated WhatsApp hotline, drivers can report dangerous driving directly to the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) by sending video footage and/or photographs of those naughty drivers. But there are a few things you need to know before sending that incriminating footage.

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  • When reporting a traffic infringement, you can ONLY use original footage or images taken by you. The department will not accept any viral content distributed on social media.
  • Do not record an incident on your phone while you are driving. Rather ask a passenger to record the incident or, if you’re able to safely do so, pull to the side of the road. If the JMPD can tell you were driving when taking the footage it will most likely not be used.
  • When submitting your WhatsApp report, make sure to include the registration number of the car in the wrong as well as the make and model and any other helpful information relating to the car itself.
  • Provide officials with the date, approximate time and location of the incident.
  • You should supply your own name and contact information when submitting your report. The JMPD will ensure your anonymity is protected at all times.
  • You must be willing to testify should the police require you to do so.
  • Please do not chase after a reckless driver. Don’t put your life or the lives of others at risk at any time.



For individuals not living in Johannesburg, there are other ways to report negligent driving.

National Traffic Call Centre (NTCC)

Call 0861 400 800

You will need to provide as much of the following information as possible when reporting reckless driving:

  • The province in which the offence occurred as well as the name of the city or town.
  • The name of the street and/or junction where the offence took place.
  • If you’re on a highway, you should provide the number of the road (N1, N3, R54, etc.) as well as the nearest town or suburb.
  • The direction in which the driver was going. This could either be North, East, South or West or, if you’re unsure, you can simply say ‘the driver was driving toward X’.
  • The day, date and time of the offence.
  • As much detail concerning of the vehicle involved as possible – such as the model, make, colour, registration number and any other stand-out features of the car.
  • Detail of the incident. For example: the driver was driving at excessive speeds in a 60km/h zone, the driver overtook on a solid line, the driver ignored a red traffic light, etc.

Arrive Alive

You can also report any irresponsible or dangerous driving to Arrive Alive via their online submission form.

Dangerous road conditions can also be reported here.

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