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Ground Zero in the fight against COVID-19: Carte Blanche this Sunday

16 April 2020
Macfarlane: “COVID-19 affects people differently in various areas. However, one gets the sense that it's so much harder for the poorest communities. Walking around the township and seeing the state of helplessness of the elderly, seeing abo Gogo lined up on the streets waiting for food parcels, because they have nothing else, is really heart-breaking. We can only hope that when we come out of this, we are stronger as a nation and better as humanity.” 
COVID-19 Ground Zero

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South Africa’s Ground Zero
As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide passes two million, scientists warn that the true number is much higher. In South Africa, it’s the critical week to assess whether the government’s COVID-19 response has been effective. Carte Blanche examines how the public and private sectors in this country have rallied to set up facilities to detect and isolate the infected and treat patients.  
Producer: Tarryn Crossman | Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli


The Township Challenge
The march of COVID-19 continues relentlessly through this country, where government and scientists have issued strenuous warnings about how deadly the highly contagious virus will be if it tears a path through densely constructed informal settlements, where social distancing and frequent handwashing remain challenging. Carte Blanche investigates whether lockdown can slow the virus in communities where millions of South Africans live from hand to mouth.
Producers: Ntokozo Miya & Mduduzi Miya | Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli


I N V E S T I G A T I V E  >  E X P O S É 

Flake ‘n Chips
When the popularity of the Australian fast food “flake” – which is in fact shark – decimated that country’s local shark population, suppliers turned their sights on the fishing waters off the Western Cape coastline. As the sightings of Great White and other sharks have declined over several years, Carte Blanche investigates why experts say it will take 50 years for over-fished shark stocks to recover – and why the government has not heeded the dire warnings of its own scientists to implement safeguards.
Producer: Liz Fish | Presenter: Derek Watts


A N I M A L   W O N D E R

Rhino IVF
The rhino: it’s one of our most iconic – and most threatened – species. In captivity, where normal social structures are impossible, rhinos are notoriously difficult to breed. It’s a frustrating challenge for scientists desperately trying to save an endangered species. But now the team that brought you Africa’s first cloned animal is working on a high-tech solution to future-proof our rhinos.
Producer: Laura Byrne | Presenter: Claire Mawisa

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