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FULL RESPONSE: Sion Private Academy

24 July 2022
You can read Sion Private Academy's full response to our various questions below.
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We recently visited Sion Clearwater Campus, one of three schools under the Sion Private Academy umbrella. Parents were promised modern facilities with a hands-on management team focused on giving learners personalised attention. 

When an independent private school opens, there are a few boxes that need to be ticked in order for it to operate legally. And only once that's done can the school open its doors for business. 

The law requires three things: 

  • Each independent private school needs a dedicated registration number, called an EMIS number, issued by the provincial Department of Education
  • When offering a South African curriculum, the specific school needs accreditation from the education standards body, Umalusi
  • Teachers must hold teaching qualifications and be registered with the SA Council for Educators, or SACE.