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E-Toll message not affiliated to Carte Blanche

25 January 2019
Please note that the below message that has been doing the rounds for years is in no way related to Carte Blanche.
etoll (8)

This website and voting push is not associated to, or endorsed by, Carte Blanche in any way. 

Carte Blanche: E-toll
Forward on to as many as you can please!! GO And VOTE PLEASE VOTE NOW Just click on link and vote – no names required … just Yes or No. As per Carte Blanche, if a million people don't register and refuse to pay for e-toll, the entire system will collapse. E-toll cannot prosecute you because they will be restricting your movement which is against your constitutional rights. Please get the word around so that we can scrap this system. They are looking for 2 million votes, and only a few days left:


When the link is opened scroll down to vote NO!! Don’t forget to send to everyone in your contact list!!!!!