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Carte Blanche Welcomes Claire Mawisa

10 April 2015
Join us in welcoming our new presenter, Claire Mawisa. Claire answers a few questions about working with the Carte Blanche team.
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How do you think your life might change now that you have joined Carte Blanche?
I think my life will change quite drastically, because people will be seeing me in a new role - as an investigative journalist. I will be introduced to a whole new South African audience that may not have known me before, and for others, they will be seeing me again after a long break from TV screens.

Are there things you simply refuse to do?
I don't think there is anything that I am not prepared to do. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and there is something to learn from every story. Refusing to do something takes away an opportunity for me to grow and be enlightened.

The show has been on-air for 26 years - the longest of any South African current affairs show. To what do you attribute its longevity?
There is no show like it on TV! I have grown up watching Carte Blanche, and it has always had a very high standard when it comes to telling the South African story in an honest and fearless way. It always evokes an emotion in the viewer, whether it is heart wrenching, infuriating, amusing or uncomfortable, you can never accuse Carte Blanche of ever playing it safe.

Your high profile must offer some measure of security – but what still gets you nervous on a shoot?
I am the newbie on the esteemed Carte Blanche team, and I have to ensure that I maintain the high level of presentation that the team has set. To say that I'm excited to join the team is an understatement. Right now, I'm taking it story by story, shoot by shoot.

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