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Team work makes the dream work!

08 August 2022
Each and every one of our suppliers honoured their commitment to the Making a Difference Trust's work and delivered despite the challenges of a worldwide COVID pandemic.

Tygerberg Hospital is huge in size and has aged since it was built. The hospital serves as the main tertiary referral hospital for obstetrics in the Western Cape and treats patients from Mitchell’s Plain, Khayelitsha and from further afield along the West Coast, Winelands, etc.

In terms of specialists in Neonatal & Paediatric healthcare, Tygerberg Hospital is staffed by superb individuals who teach at Stellenbosch University and who simultaneously hold critical roles at the hospital – their practical teaching facility.

In spite of this, the hospital has poor infrastructure and lacks a great deal of critical medical equipment – for children in particular.

This means that, although the hospital has the specialists, it isn’t always able to provide them with the tools of their trade in order for them to treat certain complex cases.

To this end, in 2020, the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust (CBMADT) devised the Cardiothoracic NICU & PICU project which entails the creation of a top-end ICU Unit together with the provision of equipment & cardiothoracic surgical instrumentation.

The idea has been to reinstate holistic cardiothoracic services at Tygerberg Hospital for the many children that need the surgery and the peri-operative specialist intensive care that is required.

On 8 August 2022, the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust officially handed over Phases I and II of Neonatal and Paediatric works at Tygerberg Hospital. These phases entail the construction and equipping of two specialised units: a Cardiothoracic ICU and an Isolation ICU.

Each and every one of our suppliers honoured their commitment to CBMADT’s work and delivered despite the challenges of a worldwide COVID pandemic. 

We humbly thank our donors for their generosity, resilience, and dedication to once again bring change to so many young lives. 

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Sakhiwo Infrastructure Solution is a Leading Turnkey Service Provider in Health Infrastructure committed to excellence in design and the implementation of high-quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions. Sakhiwo continuing involvement with the Trust is to build state-of-the-art facilities that will create a healing environment for the paediatrics, we wanted to create an enabling working environment for the staff, and we wanted to provide a facility where the community of Tygerberg will be proud of, where parents will be confident that their little ones are in capable hands and are in a well-resourced facility. Sustainable quality of health is what we are contributing towards.


Liqui Moly has been involved with The Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust for the past 5 years. We share their vision of creating centres of excellence, available to every child, in every corner of South Africa. Driving our passion for this project is the opportunity to play a small part in the upgrading of these institutions so that families can arrive at a hospital and have hope.


Choice Diamonds have worked with Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust for many years and have utmost faith in their integrity, as well as their ability to get the job done. Tygerberg hospital is the second-largest hospital in the country and has many dedicated doctors giving much of their lives to the local community. We have donated previously, and seen projects undertaken at Tygerberg by the Trust after completion. We believe that together, Tygerberg hospital and the trust, have the infrastructure and tools to maximize benefits to children from our donations.. This cause is close to our hearts, as we can’t imagine how terrible it must be for a parent to have a very sick child without the adequate health care to help. We believe, with the Trust’s and our help, many of these young souls will be given the chance to enjoy their journeys.


Max on Top is honoured to once again be a part of the Carte Blanche Trust making a difference campaign. This new Cardiothoracic Neonatal and Paediatric ICU ward is greatly needed and we are thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the little patient’s lives and those of their families and loved ones. We know there are many champions on the ground working in The Tygerberg Hospital Cardiothoracic NICU & PICU wards making a real difference in people’s lives and we trust that this new ward will go a long way in assisting them in this regard.


Franke South Africa have been working closely with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust over the past few years. Their vision to make a difference within communities aligns with our vision, in taking accountability and accepting our duty to make a difference in our environment and society. We were approached by Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust and the architects at Hospital Design Group, who have undertaken to uplift the facilities for the Tygerberg Hospital NICU & PICU. Franke South Africa has a long history of expertise in providing sanitaryware and specialised stainless steel products to hospitals, clinics and environments where hygiene is of the highest priority. The Franke Group’s promise to customers first and foremost is to “Make it Wonderful”. We were pleased to have been able to contribute towards this worthy project.


Polyflor South Africa has been supplying hospital and healthcare facilities with specialist vinyl flooring and wall protection solutions for 30 years. We are a values-driven business and have entrenched these behaviours into the very core of our business, holding ourselves and each other accountable at all times. We are passionate about doing it right, ensuring successful outcomes and giving back to a community that has supported us so wholeheartedly. We believe in the future of this country and are committed to shaping a better future for our people. We are committed to doing everything we can to upgrade, upskill, enable and improve and are privileged to have been able to support the Carte Blanche MAD Trust over the last thirteen years. Modern healthcare design needs to be carefully considered and is about creating comfortable, relaxed environments that are as welcoming as they are safe and clean. The right flooring can have a positive effect on the atmosphere of a hospital and inspire a sense of healing and wellbeing in patients, staff and visitors. Because we specialise in flooring and wall protection solutions for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare establishments that focus on combining aesthetic beauty with a hygienic, professional touch, we were very excited to once again partner with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust and to make a lasting and tangible difference in communities where it is most needed.


As an engineering company, Ekcon (Pty) Ltd has always believed that infrastructure development at its core, not only empowers communities and society but is one of the main building blocks of a strong and sustainable economy. With this in mind, we are always honoured to partner with organisations such as Carte Blanche to contribute, in our small part, towards "Making a Difference" through infrastructure development.


The core of LottoStar's mission is to give back to communities and change lives. LottoStar is delighted that they have aided in upgrading paediatric and neonatal Intensive Care Units at Tygerberg Hospital, a public hospital that services a number of communities in Cape Town. These upgrades will ensure that a number of children will receive adequate health care and will reduce waiting periods for life-changing treatments and procedures. “It is with great pleasure that LottoStar was able to contribute to Carte Blanche’s Making A Difference Trust. Every child possesses a right to basic health care and the work being done to achieve this is truly remarkable. Our children deserve better and we are here to help in any way we can” said LottoStar CEO, Tasoulla Hadjigeorgiou.


Dear Karolina and the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust, Congratulations on the completion of this fantastic project. The new facilities are truly impressive. Thank you for providing Cranium Medical Products with the opportunity to give back in some way. Giving back forms part of our company’s ethos and we are honoured to be associated with such an inspiring trust as yourselves, and as prestigious a facility as Tygerberg Hospital. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality locally manufactured products and are very proud to have our mattresses on display. Thank you once again for this opportunity.


Sunny Packs Manufacturing has for many years believed in philanthropy focused on community development and social responsibility, specifically the health and welfare of children. Children are our future leaders! Connecting with a charity with goals that are aligned with ours was important, and the Making a Difference Trust was a unanimous choice due to the fact that this is a high-impact organisation focused on children's health. It has been a privilege for us to have been able to donate on numerous occasions towards this worthy cause. The Carte Blanche Making a Difference team has done exceptional work, and this is yet another project that has been successfully managed and executed! We commend the people and the work done!


Converge Consulting are proud to be a part of the incredible professional team that has been able to create such a remarkable facility that will ensure the ongoing specialised care to so many infants and children in need. Our children are our most valuable resource and the care and treatment they receive will shape their future. We are honoured that our involvement will help to create a positive impact that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of the working staff of Tygerberg Hospital. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude for being part of such an amazing venture.


Donation of Air-Conditioning unit (ceiling concealed INVERTER) to Tygerberg Hospital Neonatal & Paediatric Cardiothoracic ICU project

Amid this global pandemic and in aligning with Daikin’s core values, we founded and launched the Daikin Charity Fund in 2020. Since forming the fund, Daikin South Africa has supported several different charities and initiatives, and therefore when the Tygerberg Hospital Neonatal & Paediatric Cardiothoracic ICU project was put forward, we felt it was our obligation to investigate what we could do to support and “Make a Difference”. We are honoured to be able to play an important role in helping the Carte Blanche Trust to achieve its mandate of building Neonatal & Paediatric Operating Theatres, ICUs, High Care Wards and Burns Units in the public healthcare system on which the vast majority of critically ill children in South Africa are utterly dependent. “We want to play our part, not only now, but in the future of our country and the people and this project is exactly in-line with this. " - Daikin South Africa, Marketing Manager, Miguel Netto. On behalf of the entire Daikin South Africa family, we would like to thank M-Net’s Carte Blanche “Making a Difference” Trust and the extended Carte Blanche team for the work they are doing and for the opportunity to be involved in this special and needed initiative.


Hospi Track Africa is and will always be on board to assist the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust. We admire your work in the community and your diligent efforts to improve the world around us. We are honoured to contribute to the Tygerberg Hospital Initiative, to assist with better privacy, and increase the wellbeing of the patients. I know that the Carte Blanche Trust goes above and beyond the call of duty. You represent all that is good, wholesome, ethical, and moral in a foundation. We look forward to seeing the continued progress you will make in the near future, and we will strive to support many more causes and hope that it will help provide you with the resources you need to continue your endeavours. Suzanne Jardine


As the quantity surveyors, we at Mokgaga and Associates were once again privileged to be part of this initiative. It was wonderful to see how the team came together for another successful project. With the project taking place in such turbulent economic environment, recovering from the wake left by the Covid pandemic and the ongoing ever-increasing fuel prices, it was fantastic to see that the donations for a great cause like this was not affected - showing the true human spirit. We are looking forward to the next successful project with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust and thank them for the opportunity of being a role player in their efforts of making a difference.


It is during these difficult times that we, as private sector business, need to pull together and help out where we can. Hopefully, Southern Air Conditioning can start creating the small ripple effects now which lead to the positive changes that are desperately needed in our society.


Having done work for the Hospital Design Group previously, Stronghold Fire & Security was asked to manufacture and install a sliding Fire Door for Tygerberg Hospital. As it happened, I was travelling to Cape Town that same weekend as I was testing a non-standard Double Fire Door for certification on Monday. I arranged to meet Steve, from Edge to Edge at the hospital to survey the door, and he enthusiastically showed me what they were doing and explained the project run by the Carte Blanche Trust. We walked past the wards where these tiny little babies lay, and my heart just melted. By the time I flew back to Joburg, I knew I wanted to be part of an initiative that gives these tiny little souls, a chance in life that they otherwise might not have. My staff and I are honoured to contribute to this worthy cause and thank you for your service to society.


The Trust Blu Foundation will continue to partner with like-minded organisations to achieve common aims, particularly those that seek to help vulnerable sectors of our communities. Founded in 2019 with the aim of connecting and working proactively with non-profit organisations and social enterprise innovators to create new solutions to address inequality, economic exclusion and unemployment, the Trust Blue Foundation has partnered with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust to refurbish three rooms and recreate two ICU beds specifically for the pre- and post-operative care of neonates and children at the Tygerberg Hospital. These upgrades and renovations will result in a reduction in waiting lists and times that will reduce the mortality of these patients and ensure more infants and children get the required life-saving medical treatment. Trust Blue Foundation is proud to be associated with this project and inspired by the work done by the Carte Blanche Trust and will continue to collaborate with others in our common ideal of creating a better future.