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Sebokeng: A ‘Gathering Place’ for our Next Generation’s Critical Care

01 December 2021
When I think of the completion of CBMADT’s eight-bed Paediatric lower high care unit project, the words of many of the role players come to mind. This was not “just a project, but a journey with many highs and lows”, for the many of us, involved.
General view within new eight-bed Paediatric Lower High Care Ward

The Carte Blanche Trust started this epic initiative with Sebokeng Hospital back in 2014, when the hospital was run by Dr Zolela Ngcwabe, and the Department of Paediatrics headed up by Dr. Joe Musundwa.

Those early meetings culminated in the creation of a six-bed Infant High Care Unit in 2016, which has served its purpose well over the years and even doubled-up as an outpatient facility, where the paediatricians review the children who are brought in daily.

As life has moved forward since then, so too have many circumstances and key stakeholders.

The hospital is now in the capable hands of CEO Mrs. Makibiti Madolo, and the Department of Paediatrics run by the young and inspirational Dr. Thapelo Theletsane.

We have all seen every corner of the world afflicted by COVID-19 and the horrific economic fallout that affects ordinary people, everywhere.

Sebokeng is a place where one palpably feels and witnesses the grief induced by loss of employment, lack of housing and many child-headed households, where hunger is a reality of daily life.

Thanks to the repeat support of South32 as principal donor, and the Carte Blanche Trust’s stalwart partners Sakhiwo Health Solutions and the Hospital Design Group, the Carte Blanche Trust has now been able to construct and equip a new eight-bed Paediatric Lower High Care Unit, directly alongside its original 2016 project.

All in all, this adds critical care infrastructure for 14 children in the Sedibeng Municipality, which has a population of approximately 1.2 million residents.

Clearly, this project does not pretend to solve all of the ills and suffering experienced by many community members and good citizens.

It does, however, provide acknowledgement of the needs of vulnerable children in the area and a response by way of the new Children’s Unit.

The level of true care by South African’s is reflected in the donations and skills provisions of all the fellow donors to this project…

LFP Group, Dräger, Polyflor, Franke, DSV, iTE, Max on Top, Ecomed,QS Bureau, Spoormaker & Partners, Sunny Packs Manufacturing, Shaun Sergel.

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Credit must also be given to the Chairman of the Sebokeng Hospital Board,  Mr. Tsebo Petlane, in ensuring that the Carte Blanche Trust succeeded in completing this project through this turbulent year.

His advocacy in ensuring that work be granted to both unemployed, unskilled labourers from the community as well as the awarding of specialist installations to suitably qualified local businesses, has meant that - in large measure - this project was “built by the community – for the community”.

This has been a heartening outcome for all involved, and we look forward to many “miracles” ahead as the champions who carry this project forward - our doctors and nurses – render this project “a part of the solution”.

~ From the desk of the Carte Blanche Trust’s patron, Karolina Andropoulos



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Emergency and critical care services for young children at Sebokeng Hospital in Gauteng, South Africa have been given a boost thanks to the refurbishment of the hospital’s paediatric High Care ward. Through our ongoing partnership with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust, we were proud to donate R3.7 million for the upgrades, which will also help to ease some of the strain on neighbouring hospitals.  

Speaking at the recent handover ceremony, our Manager of External Affairs, Africa Noleen Dube said: “South32 is proud to make this significant contribution to South Africa’s healthcare system and our local communities, especially during this period of ongoing challenges created by COVID-19.”   

Last financial year, more than 40 per cent of our US$22.2 million in community investments went to supporting good health and social wellbeing in our communities, one of our four key focus areas. Learn more in our Sustainable Development Report.


1638281437 46 lfp group thumb
LFP Group is delighted to be partnered with the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust as they hand over their 20th successful paediatric project: the Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Lower High Care Unit.  

Given the state of our nation over the last 18 months, we are honoured to be able to contribute to this project and assist the frontline workers who continue to show up and go beyond the call of duty to improve state hospital care for children.  

At the heart of the LFP Group lies the desire to transform South Africa through poverty alleviation, economic inclusion, and the creation of social cohesion and safer communities. Our donation to the Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Lower High Care Unit is just a step towards achieving our goals by ensuring our children have a safe space in which to heal, so that they can look towards their future.  

“I believe that South African businesses must choose to participate in a broader range of social and economic activities, and should strive to better understand the difficulties that many South Africans face,” says LFP Group founder and CEO, Louis Pulzone. LFP Group would like to lead the way and champion this movement. “It’s time that we start looking beyond ourselves, and act in a giving manner towards those who need it most. Our government, NPOs, corporate businesses, and individuals must come together to create a prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come.”  

LFP Group’s participation in this project is based on our business’ key principles, and is the first step towards ensuring that we play the necessary part in taking care of our people.  

 LFP Group promotes economic transformation and strives to assist in the creation of a globally competitive economy. Our approach is based on outcomes-driven, practical delivery methods that directly and indirectly affect the economy and the people living in it. Rural development programs, associated with economic reconstruction and recovery, add substantial value to the associated communities, ensuring that they grow and prosper. Through our poverty eradication programmes and socio-economic ventures, LFP Group targets food scarcity, unemployment, economic exclusion and poor education. 


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Thank you very much for the opportunity to be involved in the projects of Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust. When we as Dräger saw these projects, right at the beginning we were encouraged by the good work and differences these have made to our people and specifically our kids – the future of our country. This is the reason for Dräger‘s existence and our passion, and it is for these reasons that Dräger got involved. 

We were fortunate to be part of some of these projects and specifically this last one at Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Lower High Care Unit. There is such a huge need for specialised paediatric work all over South Africa. Dräger, with its innovative and highly specialised equipment, strives for better care to all patients and it gives us great pleasure to supply equipment that can assist in these differences. 

It is so rewarding to see the difference technology can bring to healthcare and this is our business. The effort and research Dräger has put into developing their products shows the commitment in patient care and the need to contribute. For us, it’s not about just selling a piece of equipment but the difference we can make to people’s lives. This project has given us yet again the opportunity to be part of this vision. 

For this reason Dräger believes in “Technology for Life“. 

It is our whish that many lives will be saved and improved by the service that can be given by means of this dedicated paediatric unit. 

Kind Regards, 
Gerard van Driel (National Sales Manager, Dräger South Africa (Pty) Ltd) 


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Franke South Africa have been working closely with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust over the past few years.  Their vision to make a difference within communities aligns with our vision, in taking accountability and accepting our duty to make a difference in our environment and society.

We were approached by Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust and the architects at Hospital Design Group, who have undertaken to uplift the paediatric facilities and services for the Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Lower High Care Unit.

Franke South Africa has a long history of expertise in providing sanitaryware and specialised stainless-steel products to hospitals, clinics and environments where hygiene is of the highest priority. The Franke Group’s promise to customers first and foremost is to “Make it Wonderful”.  We were pleased to have been able to contribute towards this worthy project.



1638281445 46 polyflor thumb
Polyflor South Africa has been supplying hospital and healthcare facilities with specialist vinyl flooring and wall protection solutions for over 20 years. We are a values-driven business and have entrenched these behaviours into the very core of our business, holding ourselves and each other accountable at all times. We are passionate about doing it right, ensuring successful outcomes and giving back to a community who has supported us so wholeheartedly. 

We believe in the future of this country and are committed to shaping a better future for our people. We are committed to doing everything we can to upgrade, upskill, enable and improve and are privileged to have been able to support the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust over the last 13 years. 

Modern healthcare design needs to be carefully considered and is about creating comfortable, relaxed environments that are as welcoming as they are safe and clean. The right flooring can have a positive effect on the atmosphere of a hospital and inspire a sense of healing and wellbeing in patients, staff and visitors. Because we specialise in flooring and wall protection solutions for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare establishments that focus on combining aesthetic beauty with a hygienic, professional touch, we were very excited to once again partner with the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust and to make a lasting and tangible difference in communities where it is most needed. 


1638281454 46 ite thumb
iTe Products supports the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust with the donation of all preparation products for new floors installed in the Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Ward 3. 

Building Tomorrow Together.  

In line with iTe’s vision of being a global player in the flooring industry, and aligned with iTe’s commitment to ‘making floors make a difference’ in people’s lives, we are pleased to announce our contribution of all the floor preparation products (self-levelling, waterproofing and bonding materials) and the installation of new floor substrates in the Paediatric Ward 3 of the Sebokeng Hospital. 

iTe’s high-quality product combined with a healthy track record in the healthcare sector are key to our interest in the workings of the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust. Above all is our consideration and ongoing commitment to giving back to society via meaningful and long-term contributions. 

With this donation of R87 770.34, these new, safer, and more hygienic floors will bring new South Africans to life for many years to come. 


1638281473 46 mot thumb
Max on Top is honoured to be a part of the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust. This new Paediatric Lower High Care Unit at Sebokeng Hospital looks amazing and we are certain that this world class facility, along with the professionals who care for these little patients, will assist in their road to recovery. As is the case with the previous projects we have been fortunate to contribute towards at Ngwelezana and Tygerberg, Max on Top truly appreciates the opportunity to work with the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust in making a real difference in people’s lives and we trust that this new ward will go a long way in assisting the Sebokeng community in this regard.


David Coupar (Country Manager)



1638282004 46 ecomed thumb
“Ecomed Medical is grateful to have been given the opportunity to be able to donate over R70 000 worth of medical equipment towards the new Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Lower High Care Unit project, through the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust. We work closely with many philanthropic organisations benefitting individuals both young and old, bettering the lives of those with chronic illnesses, uplifting communities and assisting with education and tuition. 

As a company placing particular focus on better health care and education for children, either privately or through charitable organisations, we are particularly proud to be able to be a part of the newly developed Sebokeng Hospital Paediatric Lower High Care Unit project. We are extremely pleased to know that our contribution will assist in providing infant and paediatric patients from Sebokeng with better quality healthcare and comfort in this state-of-the-art facility.” 


Sebokeng Ward 3: Architect's Drawing and Actual Progress