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Cop jargon – Blue Bloods

19 May 2023
Your guide to understanding cop phrases and slang.
2 male cops inside a car

Are you a fan of law enforcement shows, but no matter how hard you try, you just don't understand some of the phrases and slang cops use? No need to crack your head. We will have you talking and feeling like a cop in no time.

Have a look at these cop phrases.


In law enforcement, this term doesn't mean peace out but refers to someone driving under the influence. Here's how to use this term, "The driver of this vehicle is deuce. Should we take him in?"

Run code

You may have heard this phrase in several cop dramas. It has nothing to do with running but rather with driving to a location using the patrol car's lights and sirens.

Hook and book

This phrase means someone needs to be handcuffed and booked (put in jail or a holding cell). Let's look at how you can use the phrase, "He's driving under the influence. I suggest you hook and book him right away."


When the suspect is informed about his legal rights as per the Miranda rights. Should there be a failure to read these rights, the prosecutor may not use anything said by the suspect as evidence against them. Miranda comes from the landmark 1966 Supreme Court case Miranda vs Arizona.


FIDO stands for Forget It Drive On. Cops use this acronym if they decide to drive past a suspicious situation and not take the time to investigate. How to use the acronym? Keep it simple by shouting out "FIDO". Don't complicate things.

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