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Dinner with the Reagans – Blue Bloods

08 November 2022
You are cordially invited to dinner with the Reagans.
family at the dinner table

In Blue Bloods, gathering around the table for a mouth-watering meal and a catch up session is a significant tradition of the Reagans. 

Here are five things you need to know before you can show up for dinner with your favourite family of cops. 

One bite at a time

A lot of work goes into making the dinner scenes look real. Each dinner scene takes six to eight hours to shoot. 

Early dinner anyone?

The dinner scenes are shot early in the morning. In reality, the dinner is breakfast for the actors. 

Together at last

Gathering around the table for dinner makes for a very memorable moment since this is the only time the whole family is on screen together.

Dig in!

The food served is real. Since the Reagans are an Irish-American family, the menu reflects that heritage. On the table you will find roast chicken, meatloaf, pot roast, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. Donnie Wahlberg (who plays Danny Reagan) really has a feast while others pretend to eat.

Alcohol free

The following is going to make a lot of alcohol lovers sad. Did you know that the wine and whiskey the cast drinks during the scenes are not real? The wine is in fact grape juice and the whiskey ice tea. Sip on that!

Etiquette matters

As you already know, every family has rules. In Blue Bloods, the main rule is to swallow your food before you deliver your lines. We couldn't agree more!

Will you be settling in at the dinner table with the Reagans?

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