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Blue Bloods season 11 recap

12 October 2022
Season 11 of the cop drama Blue Bloods ended with a big bang.
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The stakes were high, and so were the emotions.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

In preparation for season 12, let's take a few steps back and relive the Blue Bloods season 11 finale.

Danny busts Joe

With a gun in his hand, detective  Danny Reagan busted a crime scene and was shell-shocked to find his long-lost nephew Joe Hill there. Danny discovered that Joe had been secretly working undercover to bring down a gun-running operation.

Dead bodies everywhere

Maria Baez and Danny discovered a dead man's body. In a different event, Eddie Janko-Reagan, alongside Erin Reagan and Anthony Abetemarco made a shocking discovery of their own, another dead man’s body.

Tyce and Joe in danger

Tyce Dickson and Joe were being chased by an immoral ATF agent determined to put a bullet in the head of whichever one of them was the undercover cop. Joe managed to save Tyce from the agent who had mistaken him for the undercover cop. Still in the middle of the chaos, Jamie and Dannie showed up to rescue Tyce and Joe, and a shootout occurred.

A family is united

The black sheep of the family, Joe returned home to the Reagan family after being saved from his dangerous undercover operation. Over a family dinner, Joe was reunited with the necklace he had deserted in a car full of flames. It turned out his uncles managed to save it from the wreckage.

This October Blue Bloods makes a U-turn with a brand new season. Are you ready for high-voltage drama?

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