Fast Facts – Blue Bloods

07 October 2020
Things you didn’t know about Blue Bloods.
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It’s been running for ten seasons (season 10 starts 7 October at 20:30 on M-Net) and has been renewed for an eleventh. Blue Bloods has won many fans over the years with its great cast and gripping cases. In anticipation of the tenth season, let’s uncover a few facts about the show.  

The famous dinner scenes take between five and eight hours to shoot.

Scripts are sometimes reviewed by former NYPD detective James Nuciforo.

Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan, directed the season 4 episode Manhattan Queens.

Danny’s middle name is Fitzgerald.

When there’s a court available, Will Estes (who plays Jamie Reagan) enjoys playing basketball between scenes.

Danny’s sons, Sean and Jack, are played by real-life brothers Andrew and Terry Terraciano.

The show has featured some impressive guest stars including Lou Diamond Phillips, Bebe Neuwirth, and Whoopi Goldberg.

It’s set and filmed in New York City, although it was almost shot in Toronto.

Watch Blue Bloods season 10 every Wednesday at 20:30 on M-Net channel 101, starting 7 October.