A Hero In Arrow

20 April 2020
Arrow is back with a vengeance!

The hero is green is back and this time he means business. We totally love our arrow-shooting hero, who has some badass moves. We're sure avid Arrow fans are excited to see what the eight and final seasons brings (we know, we can't believe it's almost over 😢)

Before Oliver Queen shoots his arrows onto M-Net City screens, let's take a look at some cool facts that you may have not known about the show.

  •  In the comics, the real name of Starling City is Star City. The name Star City is used in later seasons!
  • The “Skyline” in the show is actually footage from various cities including Frankfurt, Germany, Center City Philadelphia, PA, Back Bay Boston, MA, Tokyo, Japan, and Singapore. Pretty cool hey!
  • Arrow always includes awesome easter eggs in the titles of its episodes. In almost every episode, one of the characters says the title at some point. See if you catch them😉
  • Felicity Smoak was supposed to be a once-off character, but the directors loved her so much, so she stayed. We totally see why they did, she rocks!
  • There is a professional archery technician on set to train the actors. Now we wanna learn to shoot too.

What facts do you know about the show? Share them with us on @MNetCity (Twitter). Your fearless green hero braces the screens on 2 May at 20:50 on M-Net City.

If you're a big superhero fan, the catch the superhero fest on Saturdays on M-Net City. Supergirl at 18:20, Batwoman at 19:10, The Flash at 20:00. Arrow at 20:50.

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