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The 411 on 9-1-1

06 June 2022
Real life emergency.
Woman holding a radio mic

With the premiere of 9-1-1 season 5 coming soon, we’ve got the 411.  Here are some of the things you need to know about your favourite series.

Bizarre but true

Did you know? From a baby getting stuck in a drainpipe to people hanging upside down on a roller coaster ride, all the emergency calls featured on the show are based on real-life 911 calls. Sounds odd, right? But life is strange

911, it’s an emergency

In an interview, the series creator of 9-1-1, Ryan Murphy mentioned that 9-1-1 was inspired by a real-life family emergency.

Here’s the tea, in the middle of the night, Murphy’s son had stopped breathing, and 911 was be called. Luckily, he was resuscitated. This is evidence that even in times of great concern, there is inspiration.

Real life

To bring the show close to reality, the actors had to spend time with real-life emergency workers. Talk about taking your role seriously.   

There’s no cheating death

As with all real-life situations, a happy ending is not always guaranteed. Not everyone is going to cheat death. You will soon witness this on some of the episodes.  With this said, keep the tissues nearby for such moments

Watch 9-1-1 season 5 every Wednesday at 19:30, starting 8 June 2022, on M-Net.

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