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9 Reasons Hugh Jackman is Awesome

17 January 2018
Here's why we think Hugh Jackman is awesome.

We may view the Aussies with a bit of a wary eye when it comes to cricket, but when it comes to the movies, we’ve got lots of love to give. One of the reasons is Hugh Jackman, who has been enthralling and entertaining us for years.

This Sunday night on M-Net he’ll take up his adamantium claws one last time, in Logan, his final appearance as the character (although we’re really hoping for a Deadpool 2 cameo).

It may be the last we see of Jackman as Logan, but it’s not the last we’ll see of Jackman, and we’re really happy about that because he’s awesome and here’s why.

1. He’s Wolverine (and he’s damn good at it)

Hugh Jackman first appeared as Wolverine AKA Logan AKA James Howlett in 2000’s X-Men. Despite controversy over the fact that Jackman is taller than the character in the comic books, he delivered such an incredible performance that he is now one of the film franchise’s most popular characters and has appeared in every franchise movie since -  including three stand-alone movies and sneaky references in Deadpool.

2. He Can Sing

Happy Feet, Les Misérables, and The Greatest Showman have all shown us that Jackman excels at the art of the musical. He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, in 2013, and come 23 January (when this year’s Oscar nominations are announced) we’ll wait with bated breath to see if he lands a nod for The Greatest Showman. Considering he’s an Australian playing an American we think he has a shot! Find out what we mean below in his Oscar host opening number (which shows off his musical and comedic talent too).

3. He Can Act

This goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway. Not only has he breathed life and lent depth to a comic book character through his portrayal of Wolverine, and wowed us with many musical numbers, but he’s also tackled epic drama (Australia), rom-com (Kate & Leopold), and science fiction (The Fountain). We also got super close to seeing him as James Bond, and we think he would have been great at it – he certainly can look the part.

4. His Bromance with Ryan Reynolds

Jackman and Reynolds first met while filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and they’ve been at it ever since. The playful banter between the superstars delivers a constant bellyful of laughs. They taunt and tease each other mercilessly on social media, and we just can’t get enough. It’s incidentally also one of the reasons we think Ryan Reynolds is awesome (which you can read about here).

5. He Loves Dogs

Jackman has two adorable pooches, Dali and Allegra. Just take a look at their cute, fluffy selves below.

6. He’s All About Family

His Instagram feed is full of love for his dogs, but they’re not the only family members showered with love. Jackman shares plenty of snaps of his wife, fellow Aussie and actress, Deborra-lee Furness. And when Lalla Hirayama interviewed Jackman before the release of Logan, asking who his personal superhero is, his response was: dad! Watch the interview below.

7. Healthy Living

New year? New you? If you need inspiration for a healthy, wholesome diet, Hugh Jackman’s social feeds are the place to go!

8. He’s Human

He may have played a mutant for seventeen years, but Jackman’s all human; and just like the rest of us, he falls off the diet wagon too. So don’t feel too bad the next time you have your own #detoxfail.

9. He Can Perform Cool Tricks

Thanks to the diverse roles he’s played throughout his career, he’s been faced with all manner of challenges. The Greatest Showman is the latest of these, but he’s pulling it off with aplomb – just like all of his work!

Love Hugh Jackman as much as we do? Watch him deliver another excellent performance as the character that brought him worldwide acclaim, in Logan, your #SundayNightMovie on 21 January at 20:30 on M-Net.