Your treasure hunt survival guide

31 October 2022
How to survive a treasure hunt according to most movies.
boy with a map

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt movie because it’s filled with adventure, action, and unforgettable characters that spark your interest along the way. We’re looking at what you need to embark on a treasure hunt, according to the world of movies.

The treasure map
Now, this is the key element of the treasure hunt. It tells you where the treasure could be located and is the birth of your journey. Often in movies, the maps can be complicated, coded, or in a different language.

Remember this cool scene from National Treasure in which Ben and Abigail try to make the invisible ink on the map appear by using lemon juice?

The compass
The good old compass is a very important element to tell the direction of your epic journey. In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow has a supernatural compass that does not navigate in the traditional sense, but can instead direct people to whatever they most desire.

 Here is that magnificent scene where he gives away the compass and all hell breaks loose. 

The water bottle
With all that running and jumping you’re going to need to stay hydrated. If the journey is in the desert you’re bound to see a mirage and a water bottle will come in handy for sure.

Speaking of the desert. Who else loves this epic fun desert surfing scene from the movie Sahara? A good bottle of water would have left them satisfied afterward.

A weapon
A sword, a gun, or a knife, the choice is yours. If you’ve watched any sort of treasure hunt movie then you know how dangerous it can get. You might need to fight off villains, mythical creatures, or all kinds of animals.

This knife came in super handy when Rick had to save Jonathan’s life from a flesh-eating beetle in The Mummy.

Comfy clothes
Listen, hunting for treasure is a tough job and you need the right gear for it. A good pair of pants and boots seem to be the correct choice according to most movies. Oh, don’t forget the secret pockets where you can stash your secret weapon.

Here’s Indiana Jones in action in full adventure gear. We seriously don’t know how he manages to hold onto his hat amidst all the action!

Learn a new language
You are bound to meet new people along the way and learning the language of the area you are exploring will come in super handy, especially when attempting to have a conversation with the locals.

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