Your Favourites on M-Net Movies Bucket List

15 November 2017
We're counting down the 100 must see movies! We look at some of your favourites on The Bucket List.
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The 100 must see movies countdown continues andย this is some of the ones that took you down memory lane!

That Guy In Cape Town fell in love with this girl from Scream. Neve Campbell is the ultimate scream queen.

Jodie is not slowing down and got her dose of action with Keanu Reeves on Speed.

Ashish also got in on some action with Full metal Jacket andย Snatchย ?


@ghettofairy enjoyed some classic humour with Robin Williams with the Birdcage and then indulged with the most beautiful classical storyย of all time, Priscilla: Queen of The Desert.

Roehan also enjoyedย the great performances from the beloved and absolutley talented Robin Williams.


Melissa had a date with the outstanding Jack Nicholson with A Few Good Men.ย 


While Munira is just ready to enjoy the entire line-up thanks toย her DStv Explora.

Somi lovesย The Big Lebowski! Super glad the Bucket list is making her lifeย ?


Chantal had the dashing Tom Cruise take her breath away with Top Gun and Jerry Macguire.

From dashing Men, to Pretty Woman! Tiffany watched Julia Roberts fall in love.ย ??

Mark simply enjoys taking a trip down memory lane with some of the best movies ever!

Vanessa will always have Parisย after she tuned into Casablanca -ย one of the best romantic stories ever!ย 

Mario enjoyed Tommy Jones and Willl Smith kickย some alien butt on Men in Black.ย ???

And Mathabo finally got to SEE, Saw all thanks to #MMBucketlist.


Cliffy is ready for the top 10!

You can also countdown to the top 10 with The Bucket List on channel 109. Let us know your favourites usingย #MMBucketlist.