Your Favourite Shows Return Soon

03 January 2017
Find out when your favourite shows return from their production breaks.
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Happy New Year! Most popular US shows, scheduled on M-Net channel 101 and M-Net Edge channel 102 have been on a production break. While putting together a list of resolutions, you can add a note on when your favourite shows will be back on the small screen. Here’s a list of return dates this January.

M-Net Channel 101

Lethal Weapon Season 1

Detective duo: wide-eyed Martin Riggs and risk‑averse Roger Murtaugh return from their holiday production break on Thursday 5 January at 19:30 with episode 10.

Frequency Season 1

The intriguing supernatural crime-drama about a father and daughter is back on air from its production break on Thursday 5 January at 20:30 with Episode 10.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Season 14

Ready to entertain you with her celebrity guests, five days a week, is variety talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. She will return from her production break on Wednesday 4 January at 17:00.

The Blacklist Season 4

Fugitive Raymond “Red” Reddington is back from his production break, continuing his quest to fight for Liz’s freedom on Wednesday 11 January at 21:30 with Episode 9.

Blindspot Season 2

Determined and eager, Jane returns from her production break to unlock more secrets from Thursday 12 January at 21:30 with Episode 10. 

Madam Secretary Season 3

Madam Secretary’s Téa Leoni aka Elizabeth McCord, is back from her broadcast break and continues to drive international diplomacy, battle office politics, and circumvent protocol while negotiating global and domestic issues, both at the White House and at home, on 16 January at 21:30 with Episode 11.

Modern Family Season 8

The crazy Dunphy-Prtichett-Tucker clan of Modern Family take a production break on Wednesday 4 and 11 January. New episodes resume Wednesday 18 January at 19:30.

Suits Season 6

Hit series Suits which follows lawyer Mike Ross and self-made lawyer Harvey Specter returns from its six-month production break from Thursday 26 January at 20:30 with Episode 11.

M-Net Edge 102

Lucifer Season 2

Teammates LAPD detective Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar return to take down criminals from Wednesday 18 January Express from the US at 02:00 and in prime time on the same day at 23:40.