Wow facts about Liam Neeson

06 February 2023
Prepare to be more than amazed by the esteemed action star.
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From portraying intelligence specialist Bryan Mills in Taken to starring as the profiteer-turned-protector Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List, Liam Neeson has been nothing short of amazing.

Keep reading for more wow facts.

Strong left jab

Even off-screen, Neeson is a badass and throws a mean punch. At just age nine, he took boxing lessons and became a champion in his province. He later hung up his boxing gloves and entered Queen's University Belfast to study physics and computer science.

Named after a priest

Born into a staunch Catholic family, Neeson’s parents named him after their local priest, and in his very first movie role he played an evangelist.

Intense fear of heights

Even though he’s an action star, Neeson is still very afraid of one thing, heights. Everyone has a weakness, right?

Trainee teacher

Neeson said of teaching, "I tried to be a teacher, I trained to be a teacher for two years, many years ago, and that's probably the most difficult job I've ever tried to master."

The actor was a trainee teacher, but was fired from his position for punching a kid who pulled a knife on him.

James Bond, almost!

In the ‘90s, Neeson was in the running to play the role of James Bond, but Pierce Brosnan came out victorious making his debut as the spy, in GoldenEye.

Neeson consistently brings thrills and suspense.

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