Wingin’ It on M-Net in the New Year

23 December 2016
Janez Vermeiren and Siv Ngesi join the M-Net family.
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In 2017, Sunday nights will sizzle even more on M-Net channel 101 on DStv. In addition to firm favourite Carte Blanche and The Voice South Africa Season 2, whose iconic red chairs return to our screens on 29 January at 17:30, M-Net will be introducing more locally produced series to the channel. From 29 January viewers will also be able to jet off to exotic foreign cities at 17:00 with well-loved South African celebrities Janez Vermeiren and Siv Ngesi in the cheeky new travel and lifestyle show Wingin’ It.

With absolutely no plan, no itinerary and only 48 hours to see, taste and experience the best each far-flung location has to offer, Wingin’ It, is not your ordinary show in this popular genre, however. It’s a fast-paced plunge into the world’s most fascinating and eclectic destinations seen through the eyes of two diverse and intrinsically competitive best buddies.

“These heartthrobs certainly don’t visit the world’s run-of-the-mill travel brochure type of hot spots and tourist attractions,” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. "They land in cities you might never have thought of exploring, or even heard of, but which may just, after you’ve seen their mischievous adventures, end up on your bucket list. It’s a great, fun-filled show that will put a smile on your face – and awaken the explorer in you.”

Janez and Siv will be Wingin’ It in places like Baku, Ho Chi Minh City, Bogota, La Paz and Kathmandu and will show you the lesser-known side of Istanbul, Bangkok, Tokyo, Mexico City, Havana and Reunion Island.

This dynamic duo, who have travelled the world, boast illustrious careers in the South African entertainment industry. Comedian and actor Siv had a coveted role in Les Misérables, and is active on both stage and screen. His CV includes roles in films such as Invictus and Long Walk To Freedom as well as an appearance in the 2008 TV movie 24. Janez made regular trips to Europe and the East with his parents as a child and has been a feast for the eyes in many television programmes. Among others, he was the co-presenter on the show Top Travel, and also starred in the magazine show, The Man Cave.

Nowin Wingin’ It, Siv and Janez will pack their bags to find out more about the cultural elements of lands far and wide, feast on an array of delicacies and tackle interesting activities – like getting a good scrub down in a Turkish bath in Istanbul, arm-wrestling with Olympic champions in Baku, bumping into David Beckham in Bangkok and rubbing shoulders with Sumo giants in Tokyo.

Wingin’ It is produced by the production company Cheeky Media and will be on M-Net 101 from 29 January, Sundays at 17:00.

To stay updated with the latest news around the show go to www.mnet.tv/wingingit or follow the conversation on Twitter @MNet with the hashtag #WinginItSA.