Wicked Wednesday: Modern Family

24 February 2016
Meet the members of Modern Family.
modern family 7

We know we said Wicked Wednesdays would be about M-Net Edge shows, but we just couldn’t resist adopting the Modern Family members who come to M-Net every Wednesday.

What could be better than a bunch of best friends you’re attached to for life? Destined to love, annoy and hate each other, there isn’t anything better then a full table at Sunday night dinners, birthdays and big lunches. Let’s take a look at why we love them so much.

Stubborn, traditional and stuck in his ways, Jay heads the Pritchett family. Often pretending everyone annoys him, deep down inside he adores their company.
Feisty and loud, Gloria leaves you either cringing or rolling around in stitches. You don’t mess with this missus. A diva supreme, she dishes stories filled with spice from her Colombian roots.
Task-driven and perceived as slightly cold, Claire rules the roost in her household. After all, it's not easy being a working mom of three… or rather four, if you include Phil.
Goofy Phil tries so hard to be a “cool dad”…sometimes a little too much. It gets him into trouble with his wife Claire; but let’s be honest, his tendency to state the obvious in his candid monologues, sharing life’s “Philosophes”, make us chuckle.
Tense, overprotective and constantly worrying, Mitchell is the perfect foil to his life partner, Cameron. Always armed with witty comebacks, he often finds himself in the familiar struggle of seeking approval from his less then affectionate dad Jay.
Flamboyant and overly dramatic, Cameron is incredibly hilarious. It’s almost impossible not to love him. Hiss bubbly and carefree nature, and let’s not forget the occasional hysterical outburst, brings much needed entertainment.
Hayley literally thrives on attention. The fact that she’s trendy and popular is a great reason to be just a little jealous.
An old-soul in its truest form. Alex is so smart and responsible, it’s almost ridiculous. Unlike her sister, she’s not much for frivolous teenage trends. We could learn a thing or two from her.
Little Luke is inquisitive and highly overstimulated. Admittedly he’s also quite a handful and all over the place, he’s the typical rascal who’s tough to keep an eye on.
Gentle and sweet, Manny’s often trying to prove that his gentler manliness is not a weakness. If only this won him points on the cool factor scale at school.
Lily tends to get the blame, if things turn for the worst. She may be cheeky, but her cuteness wins us over every time. She means well, she really does.
Fulgencio AKA Joe, is a bubbly little rascal and, yes, perhaps a little rough around the edges. He spares no time getting his mom into trouble by spilling the beans on her little adventures.
Stubborn, traditional and stuck in his ways, Jay heads the Pritchett family. Often pretending everyo...

You could never get bored around this bunch. They always provide a good dose of family drama, fun and laughter. So go ahead, join the members of Modern Family every Wednesday at 19:30 on M-Net.