Why We’re Watching The Last Witch Hunter

13 February 2017
Vin Diesel and his squad take on medieval witches.

Witches, warlocks and mystery all form part of the excitement in your Sunday night movie on M-Net. Here are a few more reasons we’re tuning into The Last Witch Hunter.

Mind-blowing action

Witch hunting is seriously hard work, so you can expect lots of heart-stopping action, sword fighting, and witch slaying!

A world of magic and sorcery

Enter a world of pure fantasy: spells, immortality, and mysterious creatures are the name of the game in this movie.

Vin Diesel

If you’re a die-hard Vin Diesel fan, then you have more than enough reason to watch this movie. Diesel plays Kaulder, a medieval warrior cursed with immortality, who is given a quest to destroy some badass witches in the 13th century. Talk about a day job.

34 last witch hunter02 011 pre

An amazing support cast

The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood teams up with Vin Diesel to banish the Witch Queen and her army. There’s also veteran actor Michael Caine, who mentors and passes on his legacy to Kaulder.

34 last witch hunter04 011 pre

Watch Vin Diesel find his inner warrior in The Last Witch Hunter, your Sunday night movie on 19 February at 20:05 on M-Net 101.

If witch hunting gives you the creeps, don’t despair – we have two other Sunday night movie selections for you.

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If you still have the energy, stay up a little later after your Sunday night movie and watch the delayed live broadcast of the BAFTAs at 00:00 on M-Net Movies Premiere.