Why The Good Doctor is So Good

09 November 2017
He's brilliantly different and a medical mastermind! Here's why we love The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor is in the house sovling one medical dilemma after the other and here's why everyones talking about it.

Freddie Highmore's Performance

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Freddie Highmore is brilliant in this equally brilliant medical drama. He portrays a autistic young surgical resident exceptionally well and brings the character to life with so many dimensions.

The Captivating Drama

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Every epsiode has heart-stopping moments that will leave you gasping for more. 

Addressing Autism

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The show taps into the realities of autism and cleverly covers communication with an autistic person.

Outstanding Medical Procedures

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Get ready to witness state of the art medicine as the shows covers some major and mind-blowing medical procedures.

Enter The World of a Brilliant Mind

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You get to enter the mind of the brilliant Shaun Murphy with the aid of visually stimulating on screen graphics. Now that's how you think differently!

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