Why everyone loves spies, according to the movies

15 January 2021
It is an inimitable career choice, to say the least.
My Spy article

From the likes of the Charlie's Angels trio to James Bond, movies have shown us that being a spy is all sorts of exciting. As a job, it definitely seems less mundane that regular office hours.

In My Spy, JJ (Dave Bautista) is a hardened CIA operative but after he is – shock and horror – demoted to keep tabs on a seemingly normal family, his cover is blown by the precocious 9-year-old daughter, Sophie (Chloe Coleman). All she wants to do is learn to be a spy and in exchange, she'll keeps his secret job, a secret.

If there is anything that we've learnt from what we've seen on our screens is that being a spy seems to be extraordinary amounts of fun!

The glam life

Socialising, dressing up, disguises, parties, and more, spies need to be at the heart of it all. And sometimes they need to be the centre of attention or silently observing in the background to get their guy. Either way, it is all about location and we can't help but be envious of the glamorous settings spies find themselves in.

There's always something new

Unlike other 9 to 5 office jobs, which can be tediously the same every day, it seems no two days are the same for spies. One day they're chasing a bad guy through a park, the next they're gathering intel at a high-profile event, or jet-setting to other parts of the world.


Admit it, Bond would be lost without his tech and gadget guru, Q. And these technological items are always quite advanced and ingenious, so much so, it is easy to be left envying such nifty products.

There is power in knowledge

Spies tend to know a lot about everyone, and what's more, they are able to use it to their advantage. The down side though, is sifting the truth from the lies and not knowing whom to trust.

My Spy still1
My Spy still2
My Spy still4
My Spy still5
My Spy still6
My Spy still7
My Spy still8
My Spy still1


It seems that spies never really sleep in the same bed, let alone country, twice. This was of course, before boarders across the world closed because of Covid-19.

New day, new person

Spies, so we've seen, are masters of disguises and adapting their personalities to the situation. That means they can be anyone they want to be! How empowering is that?

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