Who's Who in Prodigal Son

30 January 2020
Get to know the cast of Prodigal Son.
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A new father and son duo hit the screen from 19 February on M-Net. Prodigal Son stars Michael Sheen as a serial killer, with Tom Payne as the former FBI agent now working with the NYPD…who also happens to be his son. Rounding out the cast are family members and colleagues, guaranteeing drama atop the thrills.

Before this new crime series starts, let’s find out who’s who and where you’ve seen them before.

Tom Payne
In Prodigal Son: He plays Malcom Bright.
You’ve Seen Payne In: Walking Dead.

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Michael Sheen
In Prodigal Son: He plays Malcom’s father Dr. Martin Whitly, a serial killer known as “The Surgeon”.
​You’ve Seen Sheen In: Underworld, The Queen, Frost/Nixon, Masters of Sex, The Good Fight.

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Lou Diamond Phillips
In Prodigal Son: He plays NYPD lieutenant Gil Arroyo.
You’ve Seen Phillips In: Young Guns I and II, Courage Under FireBrooklyn Nine-Nine, NCIS: New Orleans, Blue Bloods, and re-teaming with his Young Guns co-star Kiefer Sutherland, in 24.

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Halston Sage
In Prodigal Son: She plays Malcom’s sister and reporter Ainsley Whitly.
You’ve Seen Sage In: The Bling Ring, Neighbours

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Bellamy Young
In Prodigal Son: She plays Malcom’s mother and businesswoman Jessica Whitly.
You’ve Seen Young In: The Fixer

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Aurora Perrineau
In Prodigal Son: She plays Detective Dani Powell.
You’ve Seen Perrineau In: Passengers, When They See Us.

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Keiko Agena
In Prodigal Son: She plays NYPD medical examiner Dr. Edrisa Tanaka.
You’ve Seen Agena In: Gilmore Girls, Shameless.

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Frank Harts
In Prodigal Son: He plays Detective J.T. Tarmel
You’ve Seen Harts In: The Leftovers

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Watch Prodigal Son season 1 Wednesdays at 21:00, from 19 February, on M-Net channel 101.