Which Legacy lover are you?

15 February 2022
Which Legacy character is your match?
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Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

The month of love is here, Cupid is shooting his arrows, and you might just get lucky. Everyone makes a different partner when it comes to love. Let's look at which type of Legacy lover you match up with.

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Love diagnosis: You've got skeletons in the closet and are not interested in roses this Valentine's Day because you have secrets in the rose garden that won’t stay buried! Despite it all, you still have a thirst for love and put your best foot forward.

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Love diagnosis: You are a lover by heart, smitten at first sight, and you tend to juggle many things in life including multiple relationships. Take it easy, it’s not a game, and hearts can be broken and things can get ugly. On the good side, you're a great catch!

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Love diagnosis: It seems no matter what you do, you often end up with a broken heart. Love has given you many great moments, but it's also been a rollercoaster. Chin up! Better days are coming and love will be on your doorstep in due time.

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Love diagnosis: You seem to end up with the wrong ones when dating, all the while harbouring secret feelings for the one that owns your heart. This causes you to jump into bad relationships and you end up in sticky situations. Go on! Tell them how you feel and take a chance on real love.

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Love diagnosis: You're never able to find the perfect mate, but guess what, you're the perfect mate! You are headstrong and honest and if you wait for it a little while longer, true love is bound to come your way.

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Love diagnosis: It's been over for years, decades even, but hey you still want to own your place in their life. You marked your territory and you're sticking to it. But of course, you have your fair share of great suitors and toy with the idea of new love too. 

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Love diagnosis: You’ve been so broken-hearted but you keep rising and conquering. You may get into quite unconventional relationships, but you're adamant about what you want and know who you are. Either way, you're a winner. 

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Love diagnosis: You just never learn, do you? No matter how many times your ex breaks your heart, you keep running back. You would do anything for them and are at their beck and call. This is because when you are together it's basically pure magic. Can we really blame you?

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Love diagnosis: After many ups and downs with your one true love, you end up dating other people. This results in you running away every single time. The altar is as far as you make it. In fact, you need to keep a pair of running shoes in your car at all times. 


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