What to Watch this May – M-Net Movies

03 May 2019
Our movie musts this May.
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It’s time for hot, buttered popcorn, hot chocolate, and hot movies. From comedy to horror to action, here are our top picks for May.

M-Net Movies Smile

We recommend: Fun Mom Dinner. Because we just love Toni Collette. She’s quite the scream queen, having made an impact in the horror genre with movies like The Sixth Sense, Fright Night, Krampus, and Hereditary. However, she first made her mark with Aussie comedy Muriel’s Wedding, and Fun Mom Dinner gives us the chance to see her back in comedy mode.

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M-Net Movies Action+

We recommend: A Quiet Place.  A taut horror directed by and starring John Krasinski. The former star of The Office appears in the movie alongside real-life wife Emily Blunt as a couple living in a post-apocalyptic world. Inhabited by nightmarish creatures who can detect you only if you make a sound, this premise builds a tense, terrifying world where every sound you make could be your last.

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M-Net Movies Action

We recommend: John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2. Because John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is coming out in cinemas this May, so there’s no better time for a John Wick binge!

There’s plenty more action on channel 110 this May.

M-Net Movies Zone

We recommend: My Super Ex-Girlfriend. A fun, funny movie starring Uma Thurman as the title character and directed by Ivan Reitman, the man behind the original Ghostbusters.

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You can also watch first three Mission: Impossible movies.

We’ve also got the latest, greatest blockbusters coming to you with M-Net Movies Night Out. May’s feature is Aladdin, which closes on 19 May. Enter now!