What to Watch this February | M-Net Movies

01 February 2019
Our movie musts this month.
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Six movie channels jam-packed with action, drama, comedy, and love! It is February, after all. But what should you be watching? We’ve made our picks for the month. What would you recommend?

M-Net Movies Premiere
If you miss your Sunday night movies on M-Net, we’ve also got them for you on channel 104 every Saturday night from 20:00. There’s also loads more to keep you entertained.

We recommend: She is King
A South African musical about a young woman who moves to Jozi to find fame and fortune.

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M-Net Movies Smile
February may be associated with love (thank you St. Valentine), but channel 105 is making it all about the LOLs. These movies are all about family, but keep a close eye: not all offerings are family-friendly for mini movie fans!

We recommend: Madea’s Big Happy Family
It’s all about family coming together when the going gets tough. It’s also perfect for Tyler Perry fans, of course!

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M-Net Movies Action+
All the single ladies! This one’s for you, as fabulous females kick ass on channel 106 this February.

We recommend: Thor: Ragnarok
It’s funny, it’s bright, has a killer soundtrack, and features the oh-so-awesome, goat-obsessed Tessa Thompson.

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M-Net Movies Action
Sunday nights are all about the action! That is channel 110’s name after all, and this month sees post-apocalyptic havoc wreaked across the universe.

We recommend: The Fifth Element
Bruce Willis saves the world! No, wait…Milla Jovovich saves the world, in this stylish slice of sci-fi from Luc Besson. It also features Gary Oldman as a delightfully sleazy villain.

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Also! If you’re into vampires, but never gave Twilight a try, now’s your chance.

M-Net Movies All Stars
Whether it’s #relationshipgoals or #careergoals, we’ve got star-studded options on channel 111. Also! If you're a die-hard romantic, we haven't forgotten about you and will celebrate the month of love with a Festival of Love, Sunday evenings betwen 16:00 and 20:00. 

We recommend: The Devil Wears Prada
It will make fashion aficionados drool! It also features a devilish Meryl Streep, and Emily Blunt is a scream.

M-Net Movies Zone
We’ve got a magical line-up on Zone (literally in the case of the Now You See Me movies), so make sure you’re flipping channels to 139. Also! Spider-Man: Far From Home (Tom Holland’s second stand-alone Spider-Man movie)  comes out later this year, so why not get your spidey senses tingling with the Tobey Maguire trilogy?

We recommend: Man on Fire
Denzel’s in fine form in his second collaboration with Tony Scott. It also features a super-young Dakota Fanning – she was only ten years old when the movie was released!

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We’ve also got a pop-up channel opening this month. Flip to channel 109 from 22 February to 10 March for M-Net Movies Game On. We’ll be offering some of the best sports’ movies for sport and film fans alike. Remember! This channel is open to Premium and Compact subscribers.

Which of these movies would you recommend?