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02 April 2024
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Based on a true story

Comedy, crime dramas, mystery, and more. Showmax has a range of shows for everyone. Here's what you should be binging on!

Based on a True Story
Looking for another intense whodunit? Look no further. Kaley Cuoco and Chris Mesina star in this comedy thriller about a couple whose obsession with true crime goes a little too far. Every episode will have you guessing and wanting more. The Flight Attendant fans will simply love Cuoco's character in this one. Stream Based on a True Story.

Lucky Hank
Any Bob Odenkirk fans out there? If you love Better Call Saul, then you'll love Odenkirk is this brilliant dark comedy. Odenkirk takes on a new persona as a professor who juggles life, work, and a mid-life crisis. Start watching for more Bob Odenkirk bliss. Start streaming Luck Hank now.

Full Circle
Zazie Beetz, Claire Danes, and Timothy Olyphant star in this captivating six-part miniseries directed by Steven Soderbergh. The plot focuses on the kidnapping of a teen boy from a wealthy upper-class Manhattan family that unravels a web of lies and mystery. If you have a taste for crime drama with big, dark plot twists then this one is for you. Stream this limited series now

The Tourist
Imagine waking up in a foreign country with no memory, no ID, and bad people after you. Jamie Dornan drives this story about a man with amnesia after he wakes up on a dirt road in the Australian outback and needs to solve the mystery of his lost memory before it's too late. Will his true identity be revealed? Start watching to find out. Stream The Tourist now. 

Poker Face
While Based on a True Story brings you a whodunit, this crazy mystery thriller brings you a howdunit. It stars Natasha Lyonne as a smart and curious cocktail waitress who finds herself at the centre of several murders she hopes to solve. And in true murder mystery fashion ... there are major twists involved. Start streaming now

Tulsa King
Sylvester Stallone stars in this crime thriller as a former mafia capo who gets out of jail. But old habits die hard, and he sets up a new criminal organisation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A new crime syndicate brings new enemies and allows old ones to resurface. Settle in for action and see Stallone as you've never seen him before in Tulsa King

Son of a Critch
Follow the adolescent years of comedian Mark Critch in this hilarious coming-of-age comedy set in the '80s. If you love Young Sheldon and Young Rock, then this one is up your alley.

Stream Son of a Critch now.  Make it an '80s binge by streaming Young Rock as well.

Run The World
Follow the lives of a group of vibrant and fierce friends – Whitney, Sondi, Ella, and Renee – as they tackle the world of love, heartbreak, and the drama that comes with it all. We're talking girls' trips, new boos, awkward dates, and of course ... loads of scandal. Make it a girls' night and start streaming

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