What Are Your Golden Globe® Predictions?

06 January 2017
Who will walk away with a statuette at this year's Golden Globes®?
golden globes

It’s awards' season! The much-anticipated 74th Golden Globe® Awards ceremony will air Monday, January 9, LIVE on M-Net Movies Premiere channel 104 at 03:00, with a delayed broadcast on M-Net channel 101 from 20:30.

The prestigious awards, honouring the best in the industry, are viewed in more than 236 countries worldwide and are one of the few awards ceremonies to include both motion picture and television achievements. Beloved talk-show king Jimmy Fallon will be taking over hosting duties on stage at the ceremony’s usual location, the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Eight-time Golden Globe winner Meryl Streep will be the recipient of the 2017 Cecil B. DeMille Award and presenters for the ceremony have been announced as follows: Drew Barrymore (Golden Globe winner and three-time nominee), Steve Carell (Golden Globe winner and eight-time nominee), Priyanka Chopra, Matt Damon (two-time Golden Globe winner and seven-time nominee), Viola Davis (five-time Golden Globe nominee), Laura Dern (three-time Golden Globe winner and five-time nominee), Goldie Hawn (Golden Globe winner and nine-time nominee), Anna Kendrick (Golden Globe nominee), Nicole Kidman (three-time Golden Globe winner and eleven-time nominee), Brie Larson (Golden Globe winner and nominee), Diego Luna, Sienna Miller (Golden Globe nominee), Mandy Moore (Golden Globe nominee), Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Timothy Olyphant, Chris Pine, Eddie Redmayne (Golden Globe winner and two-time nominee), Zoe Saldana, Amy Schumer (Golden Globe nominee), Sylvester Stallone (Golden Globe winner and three-time nominee), Justin Theroux, Milo Ventimiglia, Sofia Vergara (four-time Golden Globe nominee), and Reese Witherspoon (Golden Globe winner and four-time nominee).

Additional presenters also include,  Ben Affleck (two-time Golden Globe winner and three-time nominee), Casey Affleck (two-time Golden Globe nominee), Kristen Bell, Annette Bening (two-time Golden Globe winner and eight-time nominee), Pierce Brosnan (two-time Golden Globe nominee), Naomi Campbell, Jessica Chastain (Golden Globe winner and four-time nominee), Leonardo DiCaprio (three-time Golden Globe winner and eleven-time nominee), Gal Gadot, Hugh Grant (Golden Globe winner and four-time nominee), Jon Hamm (two-time Golden Globe winner and six-time nominee), Chris Hemsworth, Felicity Jones (Golden Globe nominee), John Legend (Golden Globe winner and nominee), Ryan Reynolds (Golden Globe nominee), Sting, Emma Stone (three-time Golden Globe nominee), Carrie Underwood, Vince Vaughn, Carl Weathers, and Kristen Wiig (Golden Globe nominee).

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