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28 December 2022
Experience authentic storytelling at its best.

Are you staying in this festive season? Then get ready to be entertained!

Have a look at all the magic that's on the menu this week.

Leeto La Tekesi: Hape Hape

Two crazy taxi drivers find themselves with half of a gang's loot and the gang is hot on their heels. Directed by David Kau, Leeto La Tekesi: Hape Hape depicts the misadventures of South Africans.

Want to laugh out loud? Don't miss Leeto La Tekesi: Hape Hape on Wednesday 28 December at 17:00.

Fly on the Web

After spending the night with the daughter of a High Court judge, a married man is mysteriously found dead in his hotel room.

Uncover the truth. Watch Fly on the Web on Wednesday 28 December at 20:00.

Ride Like a Girl

The film follows Payne (played by Australian actress, writer, model, and film producer Teresa Palmer) who, through perseverance and hard work, became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

Be inspired. Catch Ride Like a Girl on Thursday 29 December at 16:20.


In this lively South African animated adventure comedy, a half-striped zebra goes on a quest to find the rest of his stripes. Along the way, he encounters a diverse range of animals, from a ferocious leopard to a free-spirited wildebeest and an insecure ostrich.

Embark on an adventure with Khumba this Friday 30 December at 12:50.

Cine Magic on DStv channel 143 is the place to be!

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