Way-Too-Weird Pizza!

13 December 2016
There are stranger ways to eat pizza than in a cone.

Frank Ciman pitched a rather interesting idea to the sharks on Sunday. He hoped the sharks would throw their weight, and their money, behind his pizza cones. Yes, that's right. Pizza, just in the shape of a cone. Gil remarked that the idea took the fun out of eating a slice of pizza, with all five fingers in, trying to keep all the slice from collapsing. But there truly some weirder variations to the all-time favourite pie. 

Mac N Cheese Pizza

This seems a little indulgent, maybe even excessive. If you can't decide between pizza and pasta, you can just have both. And maybe a heart attack from the clogged arteries.

34 pizza adven maccheese


Cheeseburger Pizza

In the spirit of wanting it all, how about a burger pizza? It's a pizza, with mini cheese-burgers on the crust. Just make sure there's a cardiologist on speed-dial!

34 pizza hut cheeseburger pizza


Corn-dog Pizza

For those who want a little (read: a lot) of sausage on their pizza. The kind that's enveloped in fried batter. So actually, it's a pig in a blanket on a pie. 

34 corn dog pizza


Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust pizza

Make Thanksgiving every day. And have some extra carbs with your carbs. 

34 sweetpotatopizza

Watch how Frank tried to sell his pizza cone idea to the sharks again: