Wait – a date that worked?! – Finding The One

16 March 2020
Yes, Priyanka and Shaun seemed to hit it off!
FTO Ep18-2652

She’d been “pierced by love’s thorn” in a previous relationship, but resilient Priyanka was determined to get back into the dating game. “I have learned that it is important not to lose the true essence of who you are,” she told us about her love life so far. “Yes, there will be changes or compromises you make, but these should not compromise who you are or the principles you have.”

Asked what she was after, she responded, “I consider myself pretty easy-going but there are certain characteristics or traits I look for that might be bad or something I feel is necessary before moving forward in a relationship.”

Her mom also had some strong opinions on what she needed!

“My mum is my number one supporter – the woman I look to and for if anything good or bad happens,” Priyanka admits. “I would like my suitor to respect her and the relationship we share and know that above all, I will do anything to make her life easier or her happy.”

But the red flags flew for Kubandren on the activity date!

But the matchmakers chose Shaun – and it seems like they did a great job!

They were speaking every day last time we checked.

“My date with Shaun was fun but I was slightly nervous,” Priyanka reveals. “He made me feel very comfortable. The actual set-up of the date was breathtaking and beautiful. The conversation flowed easily – even though he made a not so funny joke.”

“Shaun and I went on two more dates since the show,” she reveals. “We still chat often and are still getting to know one another better.”

WAIT – did we ACTUALLY find the one on Finding The One?

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