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02 July 2017
Caroline, Craig, Fatman, Josh, Luke, PJ and Samantha need your support for next week’s grand finale
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After a dramatic week on The Voice SA in which M-Net became aware of alleged paid-for marketing efforts (boosted posts) in previous weeks which could have impacted the voting results, no-one from the Top 5 left the show tonight [Sunday, 2 July]. On top of that the two talent who left the competition during the weeks of the boosted posts, #TeamLira’s Luke Lovemore and #TeamKaren’s PJ Pretorius, decided to accept M-Net’s invitation to return to the show. 
This means that fans are now voting directly for the singer who they want to see nabbing the title of the winner of The Voice South Africa Season 2 and, this vote is equally important for the celebrity coaches, Kahn Morbee, Karen Zoid, Bobby van Jaarsveld, and Lira, who all still have talent in the competition with an equal chance of winning the title!
Josh Ansley (31) from Johannesburg kicked the show off this evening on a high note with the Toto classic “Hold the Line”.  Kahn compared it to Michael Jackson and Lira thought it was the perfect opening to the show. “Super, super proud of this guy!” Coach Bobby said happily. “South Africa deserves someone like you to represent our country in the world,” he told Josh. 
Josh’s voting number is 15

Samantha Leonard (24) from Kimberley performed the Alicia Keys hit “Girl On Fire” and Bobby said it was an appropriate song for her. “You are probably one of the most consistent performers in this competition,” Kahn said, and Sam’s Coach Karen thought she nailed it. “You are my Number One!” she said. 
Sam’s voting number is 08.
#TeamBobby’s Caroline Brussow (32) from Bloemfontein took it back to the Eighties with the Bonnie Tyler hit “Holding Out for a Hero” from the movie “Footloose”. “You don’t need a hero, you are a hero,” Karen told her. “I’m sometimes at a loss for words,” Lira admitted, “you keep getting better and better.” Kahn said what impresses him most about Caroline is her character and her attitude behind the scenes. “You look like a Grammy tonight!” Bobby joked. “If I had a Grammy I would give it to you.”
Caroline Grace’s voting number is 13.
#TeamKahn’s Craig Lucas (23) from Cape Town selected The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” for his final competition performance and earned a standing ovation from his delighted Coach. “You’re amazing, never forget that!” Lira told him. “I thought that was indescribably wonderful,” Karen said. “Your artistry is amazing,” said Bobby. “I think you’re going to do extremely well in this country.”
Craig’s voting number is 01.
In the second song from the movie “Footloose” tonight, The Pride of Bela Bela, #TeamKahn’s Fatman (41), performed the title track, “Footloose”. Bobby didn’t think it was Fatman’s best performance but Lira disagreed. “You’re an all-round entertainer, baby!” she said. And Kahn pointed out that Fatman is a larger-than-life character, “but behind all that character is an abundance of talent,” he noted. 
Fatman’s voting number is 02.
PJ Pretorius (26) from Secunda returned to perform Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. Bobby remarked that the most important thing a singer can have is tone, and that PJ has that, and Kahn said he was just happy to get to listen to that voice again. Karen commented that she appreciated the lyrics about “walking a lonely road”, because PJ had learned through the competition to be himself and “live his truth”.
PJ’s voting number is 07.
#TeamLira’s Luke Lovemore (23) closed the show with “Best of You” from The Foo Fighters. “I think we got the best of you tonight,” Karen told him. “I think some people are scared now!” she added. Bobby said Luke brings something special to The Voice SA. “This is the you-est you I’ve ever seen on the show,” he said, and Lira thought that was the best compliment. “This was the best version of you,” she agreed. 
Luke’s voting number is 10.
The winner of The Voice SA will be determined by the votes of the viewing public and will be announced during the finalé on Sunday, 9 July. The vote results are independently computed by Deloitte and Touche and confirmed against the vote results determined by M-Net. Voting opened at the end of the show tonight [2 July] and will close on Wednesday, 5 July, at 22:00. 

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